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  • Manage 100,000+ music and video files without bogging down.
  • Record CDs and download music, movies, and podcasts.
  • Automatically lookup and intuitively tag album art, lyrics and other metadata.
  • Manage any audio / video genres: Rock, Classical, Audiobooks, Podcasts, Home movies, tv, etc.
  • Wi-Fi Sync with MediaMonkey for Android.
  • Play MP3s and other audio formats, and never again worry about varying volume.
  • Create playlists and let Auto-DJ & Party Mode take care of your party.
  • Sync Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad & others, converting & leveling tracks on-the-fly.
  • Share via DLNA and convert MP3s, M4A, OGG, FLAC, WMA, MP4, AVI, and WMV to support most devices.
  • Plus much more...

Video Editing

In the past, videos can only be captured by large cameras used by television stations for producing news and commercials. Then, handy camcorders became available that enable private individuals to record videos but people with the right skills are the only one who can edit and make your home videos. I remember that it was recorded on VHS tapes. As the time passed by, technology continuously developed. Today, you can now easily record a video using your smartphones. Moreover, video editing can now be done by anyone who has knowledge with using computers and video editing applications. The two major operating systems have basic video editing software: Apple has iMovie and Microsoft has Windows Movie Maker. You can also use Photoshop as another video editor. It has broad compatibility of video file formats including MOV, AVI, MPEG-4, and FLV formats. For advanced video editing software, there are several alternative to photoshop and one example is Cyberlink PowerDirector.

Media Storage And Digital Marketing
It can’t be denied that cloud storage is one of the most popular offerings that anyone can provide right now, what with people quickly running out of space in their own hard drives thanks to all the photos, videos, moves, music and video games that they have installed. However, no matter how popular the service might be, it can still be a challenge to become visible, which is why it is always great to have some knowledge of the industry. Looking for an internship? You’re in luck.
When it comes to getting the beat of the digital marketing industry just right, an internship is an amazing opportunity. Not only will you have the chance to learn from some of the best in the business, you will also see exactly what it takes to make it in the industry. This is valuable information for business’ success.

What others are saying...
  • “MediaMonkey is one of our favorite music players on Windows for its insanely powerful music management�and now that same power is available on Android. ”Lifehacker, April 2014.
  • “MediaMonkey is one of our favorite music players on Windows for its insanely powerful music management — and now that same power is available on Android. ”Lifehacker, April 2014.
  • “If you want get rid of iTunes to sync your iOS devices, the best alternatives is Mediamonkey. Simply connect your device and the program will automatically detect your device. It supports almost all Android smartphones, tablets, Apple iPhone, iPad and iPods. ”The Tech Hacker: Review, July 2014.
  • “MediaMonkey is definitely one of the top music suites on the market. It has nearly every feature users could ask for, from CD ripping/burning to playlist management to highly customizable conversions to multiple skins to auto-tagging to file editing to... you get the picture.Top Ten Reviews: Gold Award, 2014
  • “Media Monkey Gold works at great speed and offers great flexibility. It can do almost anything.”The Gadget Site: Review, February 2011.
  • “MediaMonkey Gold offers everything that music lovers need to manage their music collection. The free version alone offers more options than most, if not all music management applications. The Gold version tops that with unique features such as automatic playlist generation or the auto conversion and leveling option. MediaMonkey Gold is the tool for large music collections.gHacks: MediaMonkey Gold Review, December 2010
  • “If you want an alternative that will allow you to manage your iPod out of the box, MediaMonkey Standard is free and works well.How-To Geek: Manage Your Music With MediaMonkey as an alternative to iTunes, September 2010
  • “Simply put, MediaMonkey exceeded our expectations by far, and we can safely say that we have seen one of the most powerful tools for working with audio files that leaves the competition far behind.Frost Apps: Review, July 2010
  • “MediaMonkey Runs Rings Around iTunes;PC World: Download This Blog, December 2009
  • “Considering the overall fit and finish of this application, it'll be tough to find anything you won't like about it. Although it is definitely geared toward managing extensive collections, just about anyone will appreciate the comprehensive feature set.”Download.com Review
  • “One of an increasing plethora of applications that promise to organise your music collection, MediaMonkey has one major factor in its corner: it's free...and it's small, too, weighing in at just over 6MB for the initial download. For anyone who's done battle with lumpy, sizeable alternatives, that alone will come as a blessed relief.”IT Reviews
  • “Media Monkey is one killer application for the serious music collector. For those who have large collections of music will find the organization features are some of the best out there.”How-To Geek: MediaMonkey Review
  • “When it comes to value for money and sheer depth of features, it really is hard to beat MediaMonkey. It does much of what iTunes does but often better...The interface is intuitive and the software fast in operation. iTunes might be free, but it can't hold a candle to MediaMonkey in terms of power....”PC Pro UK
  • “The Verdict: If you have a PC you owe it to your music, to give MediaMonkey a try.”Create Digital Music Blog
  • “Like the idea of iTunes keeping track of and playing your music library but hate giving up control of the music files and directories you’ve spent years organizing? Looking for one app to rip and burn music? Need an easy-to-use music program full of features? Want to easily synch your portable audio player with the library on your computer? MediaMonkey is for you.”Computer Power User
  • “My tool of choice for audio files is MediaMonkey. I use it to listen to my MP3 music collection, Podcasts and Shoutcast streams. It is a powerful tool with advanced syncing, file organization and tagging functionality.”Alvin Ashcraft's Morning Dew
  • “Overall, MediaMonkey's powerful tools can be enjoyable to use for everyone from music collectors old and new. Even without the MediaMonkey “Gold” option, users can manage their collections easily - and personalize the program to fit their personal preferences through drag and drop components to plugins and skins.”makeuseof.com
  • “If you have a large digital music collection to be administered and organized, standard Windows tools will run into walls or lead to data chaos. That's where ‘Media Monkey’ comes into the play ... ”freenet.de (Germany)
  • “I would like to congratulate you on an outstanding product. I have a library of over 50,000 tracks, and I have never seen another program the can manipulate the data with such speed and grace. It is truly amazing, it has been instrumental in managaing my music.”Lauren
  • “I LOVE MediaMonkey. I've felt guilty for not registering in the time I've been using it, so it's time to correct that! I have used EVERY media program out there, desperately trying to find one I didn't despise. MM is FAR superior to anything else out there. Thank you! ”Noah
  • “I just wanted to say thanks for MediaMonkey, it is exactly what I have been desperate for, for ages. I have a library of 35,000 MP3's and have been unable to find any player that can cope with anything close to that number in a sensible, intuitive and most importantly, speedy fashion (MusicMatch is a total joke in comparison). MediaMonkey does all these things and has left me open-mouthed in awe and admiration since I downloaded it yesterday.”Tim
  • “I just wanted to thank you for such an awesome piece of kit. I've used (MediaMonkey) every day for six months, I couldn't be without it. It's no understatement to say it's improved the quality of my life.”

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